Passion for people. But who shall I thank?

Nino Gruettke BOTH of You THINKING

My parents, who put me in this world? My grandparents, who shared their values with me? My friends, who made me laugh? My godparents, who gave me the right advice?

Or the teachers, who taught me? The professors, who made me think? The mentor, who showed me the invisible? The boss, who believed in me? The authors, who wrote books I love? The TED speakers, who kept me curious? The women, who made me love? The artists, who inspired me?

Or a waiter who remembered that I take my cappuccino with 1/2 package of sugar? A hotel’s bell boy, who remembers my name? A cashier, who welcomed me with a genuine smile? A stranger, who noted that he likes my shirt? A taxi driver that returned my forgotten wallet?

Or shall I simply be happy to have met, remembered and appreciated all of the above?

This is a list of inspiring people I have met along the way – from waiters to presidents. Observational awareness and emotional sensitivity made me realize the lasting impressions they made on me.

Thank YOU!