I speak to listen.

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When I found myself in a room with 35 university professors asking me to teach them happiness, I realized how serious the situation was.

Who teaches us happiness? In school, we learn the basics about algebra, but who helps us solve the problem of what makes us really happy? We learn foreign languages, but fail to learn the basic vocabulary to understand our own mind. We are asked to build strong relationships with customers, but nobody shows us the gym to strengthen our own mental immune system in the first place.

My talks focus on happiness, customer satisfaction, team development, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking.
From universities to Fortune 500 companies, from coffee chats to keynotes, I have given talks in Asia, Europe, and America to thousands of people.

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Be curious. Stay hungry. Wonder why.

The (un)happy truth about happiness

Why is happiness so fragile? How much positivity is needed to compensate negativity? What does the happiest person in the world look like? How can we train our mental immune system?