BOTH of You

Behavior. Opinion. Thinking. Happiness.

The more rational we are, the more emotional we can be.

Both of You by Nino Gruettke

What seems like an unthinkable contradiction, is what the book BOTH of You is all about: behavioral economics, positive psychology and happiness. Just like a visit to the gym builds up your physical strength, BOTH of You helps to explore, understand and develop your mental immune system.

With better understanding of how (subconsciously) we think, (subjectively) we form opinions, (badly) we make decisions and (irrationally) we behave, we can improve our well-being by consciously rationalizing our decisions about what to spend time, money and emotions on.

All emotions depend on information and our interpretation of it. This interpretation is what BOTH of You is focusing on. Building up awareness, increasing sensitivity and stimulating our mental immune system helps us manage the cards we have been dealt. Whether you hit your alarm’s snooze-button too often, believe that a gold medalist is happier than a silver or bronze winner, keep ordering the same dish at the same old restaurant or wonder why you keep wearing the same favorite items regardless of the size of your wardrobe, becoming more rational about our behavior, decisions and thinking means becoming more happy.

BOTH of You is not about seeing the glass half full or half empty, instead it is about seeing all the beautiful possibilities a piece of glass and plain water can offer.